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Spark-mate™ is an ignition timing processor for single and bi-fuel vehicles featuring two separate ignition curves and optional MAP sensor input. The first curve (P1) can be set to + 19o and it is active when the base fuel, gasoline or other, is in use. The second curve (P2) can be set to + 19o and it is active when the alternate fuel is in use. The optional MAP sensor input is used to disable switching to the P2 curve under light engine load conditions.

Spark-mate™ also features:
  • Base angle (initial timing) adjustment of + 19°
  • Rev Limiter for engine protection
  • Cylinder sparking cut-out in rotation for smooth operation at the rev limit
  • Three keys and a two digit LED display for easy entry and reconfiguration of all parameters.
  • Real-time base angle display and adjustment capabilities
  • Engine RPM or ignition Angle Deviation display
  • Ability to select 4, 6, or 8 cylinder configuration
  • A By-pass relay for fail safe operation when module is not in use

The Spark-mate™

The Spark-mate™ comes with a detailed vehicle-specific wiring diagram, as shown in the two examples below.

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