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SelexII™ is a smart fuel pressure gauge / sensor (transducer) and natural gas / gasoline automatic fuel selector. It is a dynamic combination of a mechanical high pressure gauge and electronics in one handy unit. It provides an array of safety and practical functions for the NG fuel system as following:
  • NG priming for easy engine start when on Natural Gas only operation.
  • Control of the NG fuel flow, cuts the power off when the engine stops or is arrested.
  • Automatic Fuel Selection Mode. (on Fuel Injected Engines only)
  • Automatic switching to natural gas, after cranking / starting on gasoline.
  • Automatic switching to gasoline when the aboard usable natural gas is depleted.
  • Display of the natural gas tank remaining fuel fraction on a Blue label Termie™,
    when not "interfaced" with the original fuel indicator.
  • Conversion of the NG pressure into a signal compatible with vehicle original fuel indicators.
  • Individual in-vehicle calibration of the original fuel indicator for accurate NG fuel display
  • The fuel selection modes for "Fuel injected engine".
    • A = automatic selection,
      • Start on gasoline, switch to NG while starting.
      • Switch to gasoline when NG fuel is depleted to the minimum set pressure.
    • n = Natural gas only, start and operate on NG.
    • G = gasoline only, start and operate on gasoline.
  • Four fuel selection modes for "carburetted engines".
    • G = gasoline only, start and operate on gasoline.
    • E = Empty carburettor bowl, gasoline and NG both OFF.
    • n = Natural gas, start and operate on NG.
    • F = Fill carburettor bowl, gasoline and NG both ON.
SelexII™ is designed for use with a blue label Termie™ a Mogas mini terminal that offers to the driver fuel mode selection and override, fuel mode indication, fuel in use and NG fuel fraction display as an alternative to displaying it on the original fuel indicator. However, when the original fuel indicator is used to display NG, Selexll can be switched from a double pole double throw switch. Selexll™ is universal, therefore, it must be set for each installation by means of a Red label Termie™, a shop tool, which allows service technicians to access the array of options and the calibration procedure for the original fuel indicator to display NG fuel accurately and to select and set the following options:.
  • "Natural Gas Priming Duration", for engine natural gas starting
  • "Engine Speed", for switching to natural gas, after gasoline cranking
  • "Minimum natural gas pressure", for switching to gasoline when usable natural gas is depleted
  • Automatic Forced Fuel Selection Mode. (on Fuel Injected Engines only)
  • "Fuel injected engine": three Fuel Selection Modes or
  • "Carburetted engines": four Fuel Selection Modes
  • "Stand alone", for displaying natural gas fuel tank fraction on a Termie or a 5 LED panel
  • "interfaced", when technically possible, with the original fuel gauge.
  • Calibration of the original fuel indicator if the installation is "interfaced".

The SelexII™
Pressure Gauge

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