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Selex™ is a smart fuel pressure gauge / sensor (transducer) and natural gas / gasoline automatic fuel selector. It is a dynamic combination of a mechanical high pressure gauge and electronics in one handy unit. It provides an array of safety and practical functions for the NG fuel system as following:
  • NG priming for easy engine start when on Natural Gas.
  • Control of the NG fuel flow, cuts the power off when the engine stops or is arrested.
  • Display of the natural gas tank remaining fuel fraction on 5 LED stand-alone panel
  • Automatic Fuel Selection Mode. (on Fuel Injected Engines only)
    • Start on gasoline, switch to NG while starting.
    • Switch to gasoline when NG fuel is depleted to the minimum set pressure, adjustable.
  • NG fuel selection starting and running on Natural Gas only.
Selex™ fuel mode selection is controlled / switched from a double pole double throw switch. Selex™ is universal, therefore, the minimum NG fuel switching point must be set for each vehicle.

The Selex™
Pressure Gauge

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