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 1998-Liquid Injected Propane Fuel System

 1996 - Mogas Sales Inc. Co-Sponsors the 2nd Annual NGV Open/Ride and Drive

 1996 - The 1996 Corel Great Race

 1995 - Vancouver, BC and Portland, Oregon Police Car Program

 1993 - Mogas Sales Inc. Co-Sponsors the University of Alberta NGV Challenge

 1987 - Nipawin School Division

 1986 - Black Top Cab Fleet

 1985 - First Ferries Powered by Natural Gas

Liquid Injected Propane Fuel System

In 1996, Mogas in cooperation with BC Research Inc and Digicon Engineering Inc of Vancouver, BC, Canada started development on the EcoJet™ lean-burning, liquid injected propane fuel system for a 260 HP Cummins C8.3 Turbo engine for use in fleet service. The goals of the project were to successfully produce an LPG liquid injected engine with a power curve as close as possible to the engine when fuelled with diesel with minimal output of pollutants, while optimizing drivability and longevity.

In 1998, Mogas was please to announce the completion of their lean-burning, liquid injected propane fuel project. In 1997, the converted Cummins C8.3 engine was installed in a Kenworth T300 tractor in ICG Propane's BC fleet. This new engine was run for a short time, because the LPG fuel commercially available at that time was eccessively dirty and caused several premature failure of the fuel pressure pumps. The project was concluded with the intent of promoting clean LPG fuel distribution, essential for the deployment of fuel injection technologies. The over-the road test confirmed the engine efficiency and power obtained at the lab, providing favorable operating economics and greatly reduced noise and emissions.

Heavy-Duty tractor running on Mogas liquid propane injection system

Heavy-Duty tractor showing the Mogas developed EcoJet system
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