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Corporate Achievements

 1998-Liquid Propane Injection System

 1996 - Mobeta, Dragster Camaro

 1996 - The Corel Great American Race

 1995 - Police Car Program

 1993 - The University of Alberta NGV Challenge

 1987 - Nipawin School Buses

 1986 - Black Top Taxi-Cabs Fleet

 1985 - First Passenger Ferries Powered by Natural Gas

The 1996 Corel Great Race

The 1996 Corel Great Race was a controlled-speed, endurance competition for vehicles built before 1943. The Great American Race is an annual event wihich brings together nearly 100 antique and classic vehicles from nearly every nation in the world. This competition is the world's richest old car race. This year the Race started in Tacoma, WA, USA and ended in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after 14 days and 4100 miles of very competitive racing. The `32 Chrysler "Ironsides" equipped with a Mogas Fuel System ran the entire race on natural gas and finished in the top ten .

Mogas built the natural gas fuel system for the 1932 Chrysler Ironside in 1993, the team, under the rule of Sir Dick Nelson of Shriport Luisiana USA, has participated to all Great American Races held since 1994 using Natural gas fuel.

Sir Dick Nelson, over the years, has expressed and proven the advantages and reliability of Mogas fuel systems and Natural Gas as a viable alternative fuel for vehicles. The advantages were highlighted during this race as well as in all others in spite of the vehicle's age and the stress of competition.

1932 Chrysler "Ironsides" powered by a Mogas Natural Gas system
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