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Corporate Achievements

 1998-Liquid Propane Injection System

 1996 - Mobeta, Dragster Camaro

 1996 - The Corel Great American Race

 1995 - Police Car Program

 1993 - The University of Alberta NGV Challenge

 1987 - Nipawin School Buses

 1986 - Black Top Taxi-Cabs Fleet

 1985 - First Passenger Ferries Powered by Natural Gas

Mogas Sales Inc. Sponsors the 2nd Annual NGV Open/Ride and Drive

In 1996, Mogas Sales Inc. was proud to be a sponsor of the 2nd Annual NGV Open/Ride and Drive at the Homestead Golf Course, Midway, Utah. Were nearly 100 participated in the 1996 NGV tournament. Terry Keddington, race-car owner, displayed his "Mobeta" 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, which is one of the only three

USA national super-gas cars fuelled by natural gas. Terry and Mobeta fitted with a high performance
Mogas fuel system continue to attract the attention of many spectators, drivers and racing organizers.

Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, mild to the engines, which helps reduce engine wear and maintenance. NG also has superior safety factors and offers significant fuel cost savings.

On or off the track, natural gas is awesome and its popularity is in expansion.

Mobeta is equipped with a Mogas Clean-Burning Natural Gas System.

Mobeta - Camaro Dragster powered by a Mogas Natural Gas System
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