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Corporate Achievements

 1998-Liquid Propane Injection System

 1996 - Mobeta, Dragster Camaro

 1996 - Corel Great American Race

 1995 - Police Car Program

 1993 - The University of Alberta NGV Challenge

 1987 - Nipawin School Buses

 1986 - Black Top Taxi-Cabs

 1985 - First Passenger Ferries Powered by Natural Gas

Vancouver, BC and Portland, Oregon Police Car Program

In 1995, the Vancouver City Police Department decided to seriously pursue a Natural Gas Vehicle Police Car Program.

Mogas was contracted to develop and install new conversion systems on six Ford Crown Victoria police cars.

Wiring Harness Layout   Vancouver Police Dept. Squad Car   Fuel Tank Mounting Location

These cars went through intensive handling and performance testing on the training road course and on street duty for six months.

These vehicles were found fit for patrol and pursuit duty, better handling and 45% more economical than when on gasoline only.

Portland Police Dept Car - Showing Fuel Tank  Portland Police Squad Car   Portland Police Dept Car - Showing Fuel Tank
The success achieved through the Vancouver Police Car Program inspired other police departments.
Mogas has supplied systems to many Police departments in North America..
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