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Corporate Achievements

 1998-Liquid Propane Injection System

 1996 - Mobet, Dragster Camaro

 1996 - The Corel Great American Race

 1995 - Police Car Program

 1993 - The University of Alberta NGV Challenge

 1987 - Nipawin School Buses

 1986 - Black Top Taxi-Cabs Fleet

 1985 - First Passenger Ferries Powered by Natural Gas

Black Top Cab Fleet

In 1986, Mogas converted the Vancouver, BC Black Top Taxi Cab fleet, consisting of 133 vehicles, from propane to natural gas/gasoline bi-fuel operation. This provided an annual saving of approximately $1.2 million in fuel costs to the cab company. Also, due to the gentle and clean-burning natural gas, the lifespan of a taxi engine in this fleet is almost double, and maintenance is one third of the the cost of operating on gasoline..

The Black Top taxi compani has expanded during the years. it has founded a new fleet, the Checker Taxi and has acquired more taxis and absorbed other organizations. The savings trend has progressed along with the company expansion.

Cab Fleet after Mogas Natural Gas Conversion.

The Vancouver Black Top Cab Fleet with Mogas Natural Gas conversion system
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