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Mogas, through 25 years of research and development of solutions for the alternative fuels, engines and vehicles industry; working with distributors, customers, utilities, fuel providers, government and safety agencies and institutions, worldwide, has accumulated experience and expertise in alternate fuel technologies, logistics, economy, distribution, safety, installations and the business in whole.
The Company offers consulting services to OEMs, distributors, customers and fleets in the development of fuel systems and engines and for establishing refuelling centres, distribution networks and equipment installation centres.

Engines: adaptation feasibility, costs, econo-environmental gain-loss, debate.
Vehicle: structural, feasibility, econo-environmental evaluation and debate.
Fleets: feasibility, analysis, logistics, econo-environmental evaluation and debate.
Fuel Sytems: strategies, controls, actuation, safety and emission compliance.
Refuelling: infrastructure, analysis, strategies, logistics, econo-environmental debate.
Manuals: procedures, Installation, safety, service; personalized or exclusively assigned.
Training: theoretical, hands-on and troubleshooting; live, via telephone and Internet.
Networks: vehicle equipment marketing, distribution, installation, service and administration;
refuelling stations planning, service and administration.

Languages: English and Italian, fluent; French and Spanish.

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